Announcing Granny versus The ANTI-VAXX

Granny versus the ANTI-VAXX is a top-down action / adventure where you defend a care home under attack by anti-vaxx zombies.

The campaign mode starts around the care home and lets you expand your actions in the whole city, pitting you against coughing anti-vaxx zombies, paperwork-throwing bureaucrats and capitalist overlords who want to infect everyone for their death cult.

You won’t be alone. The game lets you play as Granny, her grandson Marcus, or her partner-in-crime Ethel. Other citizens will join you in your defense of the care home and the city. Later levels will give you new abilities & weapons, but also feature tougher and more cunning enemies.

Currently in development with an early access release expected December 2022 and a 1.0 release in 2023. There will be regular updates in the meantime.

You can buy the game and follow the development on