1109, 2019

Trans Riot – game design part 1

Trans Riot – game design part 1 Trans Riot is a satirical city revolution simulator. I’m a writer, activist, and programmer, and

1507, 2019

Introducing Trans Riot: The Game

We are very proud to announce we're working on a new game! Working title is Trans Riot, and in it you play a bunch of revolutionaries trying to liberate a city from capitalism.

2503, 2019

New website launched

Every few years I somehow can't stand the look of my websites any more. I start out with a website, after some tinkering think it looks reasonably

1204, 2018

Low poly house interiors released

The low poly house interiors pack has been released on the Unity Asset Store. It contains eight fully furnished rooms, an apartment floor and dozens of prefabs

Procedural generation

Cities, textures, large-scale interaction algorithms

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