Cellular automata

Simulations of life, growth, disease, evolution.

by Evie

This is a personal hobby of mine. When I studied computer science a fellow student taught me how to escape from Pascal (Turbopascal back then) to assembler and I used the speed gain to create several screen savers showing e.g. the game of life and maze cellular automata.

When I started working with Unity, I realized I could easily use this new and useful tool for those same experiments, but now on computers that run much faster. And the results could be useful for games and simulations: how does a fire spread, or a disease? How does simple life grow? Can you use cellular automata to create and grow cities, forests, communities?

I started working this out in Unity in 2019. When I have some finished / polished code, this will also ship in the procedural generation kit. Until then you can follow the development in the dev blog on this site. Comments are always appreciated ^^.

Testing a genetic algorithm in Conway’s Game of life. From a random set of “animals” – 10 x 10 starting positions – we select the ones that create the most life and mutate them. Over a period of time successive generations are tested, who start producing more life quicker.